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My recent obsession…. Gel moisturizers!!! Yes, to be honest, as
much as moisturizers are super important for the face, I hate them,
they are always thick and greasy, I will never volunteer-y use them,
as I age, I felt more and more pressurized to use them, Becos I know
I will age extremely fast if I don’t, especially now I m not young
anymore. Lol, but this products actually change the way I look at
moisturisers, every a few hours, I will actually itchy hands and pump
a few drops of it and apply it on to my face…! Yes… The gel
moisturising muti-function mask from HKC Plaza!!

There 5 type of flavors! Each flavors have different effects! And best
of all, I can’t explain how much I love to apply them, they feel like
WATER, actually better than water, they are super cooling and it feels
extra refreshing after applying them! I used to loving the feeling to
apply water on my face to be more alert and awake whenever I m working,
but I don’t have to anymore, I just spam these moisturizer jells!!!
And i don’t even feel extra fulfilling whenever I do it, not only my
skin feels shiok (enjoyable) I feel that i actually doing something
awesome to my face!


There’s 3 types of bottle juicy gel, and 2 types real fruit smoothing

There’s lemon, aloe and tomato flavors for the bottle juicy gel series!
My person favorite is the tomato one!









The my tomato juicy gel that contains 80% tomato extracts, it helps
to make your extra soft and firm! You guys should know by now, my
favorite skin care effect will be firming and presentation of wrinkles,
how can I not love this!

It’s not only super refreshing, it feels so heavenly on the skin, the
super cute packaging, that looks like a fruit juice bottle, it makes me
wanna carry it everywhere I go!





The my aloe juicy gel contains 95% of aloe Vera leaf extract, helps to
smoothens skin and helps to claims your from redness, sensitive or warm!
It extremely helpful when you get some acnes or sunburns, it helps heal
your skin back to normal!

It’s anti aging properties helps to even reduce fine lines! It’s super
light texture, leaves skin with absolutely no sticky residue!





The my lemon juicy gel contains 60% of Lemon extract, that is filled
with vitamins invigorate dull skin!! It also contains Pearl extracts that
make skin clear and smooth! So if you are those who look very soulless
every morning and need something to brighten your face, this is totally
the one need!

Troubled skin? This my lemon juicy jell will help smoothen your skin out,
it even have whitening properties, stubborn pimple marks? Clear them with
the my lemon juicy gel






For the coconut and watermelon “I am watermelon smoothing Gel” and “I am
coconut smoothing Gel” is the CUTEST EVER!!! I love love love the pumps,
it makes using the products super easy and addictive, every now and then
I will go over my night press a pump of smoothing jell and rub it all
Over my face.

Both 95% of watermelon and coconut extract!!

They both smells like heaven, you guys know Hollywood stars like Miranda
Kerr and Gwyneth Paltrow all super obsessed with coconut oil products, as
they have super high level of nutrients! They name it as the “the gift of
the gods”

Watermelon is one of my personal favorite fruit! They I remember when I was
younger, the girls on tv always use the skin of watermelon to apply on the
face as home made DIY Beaty hacks, they always rave how watermelons helps
to clear pimples and make skin super clear and bright!

Buy <I am Watermelon smoothing Gel> here
Buy <I am Coconut smoothing Gel> here





These smoothing gels can be use in many ways and they are
very flexible and have multipurpose, here are some user
tips from HKC plaza! they are more than just moisturisers!

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