P&B Covered CC MTS ampoule [6ml*15vial]

P&B Covered CC MTS ampoule [6ml*15vial]

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Product Code: P&B Covered CC MTS ampoule [6ml*15vial]

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Covered C.C

Integrated Kit : differentiated from origin ampoule. 
Luxury peptide (included Adenosine, Niacinamide, Metric thread, etc) components and stem cell culture extract.

1st dose : Used for Pre-treatment, contains an astringent and calming ingredients 

2nd dose : Used during treatment, contains brightening and lifting ingredients

3rd dose : Used for Post-treatment to calm, protect, and moisturize the skin (includes Centella Asian Tikka & hyaluronic acid)

6ml*15 vial / box

How to use
1. Use safety cap to apply 1st dose on the skin to calm the skin
2. Apply 2nd dose on the skin.
3. Apply 3rd dose on the skin to moisture the skin.

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